Established in 1999, ASTRA POLYCLINIC through professionalism and seriousness has become one of the main competitors on the medical services market in Sibiu .
Within the polyclinic operates a team of over 40 physicians, providing patients with a wide range of specialized consultations, medical investigations and laboratory analyzes.

Performance and exceptional quality of the medical services, customized to each patient’s needs,  are rules for us. We put all of our resources into ensuring each client recieves professional healthcare services to the highest standards based on the latest technical support, all within impeccable safety and comfort conditions.

Services provided by the ASTRA Polyclinic

Laboratory analyzes – covered fields: biochemistry, hematology, coagulation, bacteriology, immunology, parasitology, toxicology.


Medical services – patients have access to complex medical services with the latest medical equipment.


Medical specialist consultations – with a professional team of primary doctors and specialists we cover a wide range of medical specialties.


Occupational medicine – we provide professional  medical services to the contracting companies. Our doctors perform medical check-ups on recruitment and periodic work, according to the Romanian legislation.

Promotions – because the constant monitoring of health is important, we offer a wide range of promotional medical services to our patiens.